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Synergy Family Therapy Specialists


Synergy Family Therapy Specialists is conveniently located off of I-675 which allows us to provide quality care to patients from Centerville, Dayton, Kettering, Beavercreek, Wright-Patt Air Force Base, Fairborn, Springboro, and many other surrounding communities throughout the Greater Dayton area. Synergy Family Therapy has several small rooms, a main gym, and a range of equipment to meet a wide variety of needs during your session. Check out the pictures below to take a "virtual tour" of our facility.

Synergy Family Therapy Specialists

Synergy Family Therapy Specialists is easily accessable by taking either Exit 4A or Exit 7 off of I-675. We are located behind Miami Valley Hospital South at 1700 Thomas Paine Parkway, which is accessible from Clyo Road and Bigger Road.

The Jungle

Our Jungle Gym is a fun and exciting room! We use this space with patients to work on substantial gross motor skills ( like kicking, throwing, and swinging) and it is designed to meet any individual's sensory needs! It features an 11 foot high rock wall! This room also contains a zip line, a treadmill, two swing hook ups with several interchangeable swings, and more! 

The Kitchen

Our kitchen is where a majority of our feeding sessions take place. It is set up to mimic a typical kitchen and dining room to help stimulate a typical eating environment. This room is also used by adolescents who need to work on executive functioning skills or any individual who may benefit from strengthening or bilateral coordination skills.

Under the Sea Gym

The Under the Sea Gym is where the majority of our sessions take place. It is ideal for individuals who can work in a distractible environment while still addressing their individual goals. All aspects of therapy are able to be delivered in this room. 

Mountain Room

The mountain room is most commonly used by adults during their sessions. This room offers a quiet space and equipment to help decrease pain, build strength, and improve range of motion. 

Imagination Station

Our Imagination Station provides a small, quiet space with limited distractions to help allow children to focus to work on fine motor skills, motor control, and cognition. It also can be used by adults to help decrease pain, build strength, and improve range of motion

The Garden Room

Our Garden Room provides an open environment for children to work on table top skills for either Speech or Occupational Therapy.

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is designed for our younger patients to work on all their developmental skills, whether they're in speech, occupational, or physical therapy.

The Discovery Zone

The Discovery Zone is a smaller, individual treatment space designed to allow children to work on table top skills with the ability for parents to observe from the adjacent room. 

The Outer Space

The Outer Space Room provides a darker environment, which is ideal for individuals working on their visual-perceptual skills. 

Family Waiting Rooms

Our family waiting rooms are the perfect place for families to wait for their session to start. The family waiting rooms are also a great place for siblings to read books, watch classic Disney movies, build with blocks, and solve puzzles while their sibling attends their therapy session.

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