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  • Leah Fischer, PT, DPT

Make Valentine's Day Physical

Love is in the air! It is really fun for children to give and receive Valentine’s cards with candy. With all of that candy, kids will have lots of energy for doing exercise. Here are a few fun ways to incorporate exercise into Valentine’s Day.

Make Valentine’s that challenges your Valentine to a physical activity.

  • “I get a kick out of you!” --Stand on 1 foot and kick with the other leg 5-10 times. This will challenge your child’s balance.

  • “I have a ball playing with you!” --Throw balls at a target.

  • “You are quite a catch!” --Play catch.

  • “You are an all star!” --Do 10 jumping jacks or snow angels.

  • “My heart races when I am around you!” --Kids can do a running race, relay race, or simply run in place.

  • “I am beary happy you are my friend!” --Bear walk.

  • “Have a SUPER Valentine’s Day!” --Kids can lay on their stomach and lift their arms, head, and legs as if they are flying like Superman. This helps increase strength in their postural muscles and core.

Pretend to be Cupid.

  • Kids can play darts or they can throw a ball at a target.

  • To make the activity even more fun and messy, draw a big heart on a piece of paper. Then coat the balls in some red, pink, or purple paint. Throw the balls at the piece of paper to decorate it. Kids can write a nice message on the over-sized card for a family member.

Take your kids on an active “Date Night.”

  • Date nights do not have to be reserved for adults. Kids enjoy going on special outings with their parents too.

  • Take kids to their favorite park; go for a walk around a museum; go ice skating. You know your kid best, so plan an activity they will enjoy.

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