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  • Claire Murphy, MOT, OTR/L

There's More to Vision than Sight

What is visual memory?

Vision is made up of more components than just acuity - how well a person can see close up and far away. When a person looks out a window, the whole picture is processed in the brain, in order for the person to place meaning on what they are seeing. There are eight components of visual processing: visual memory, visual attention, visual discrimination, form constancy, visual closure, figure-ground, spatial-perception, and visual imagery.

Visual memory - how accurately a person will remember what they see and be able to recall what they have seen previously

How do you know if your child is having difficulty with visual memory?

Your child may demonstrate difficulties with:

  • Remembering letters and numbers

  • Copying from a board

  • Remembering sight words

  • Completing reading comprehension worksheets

  • Remembering what was read

  • Reproducing figures from memory

  • Letter reversals

  • Spelling

How can you help?

  1. Play games - I Spy, Spot It, Concentration, Memory

  2. Give your child a picture to draw and then have them draw the picture a second time

from memory

  1. Place a series of objects (the number will vary by age and level of difficulty) onto a table, have your child look at the objects. Have you child close their eyes, then:

  2. Remove 1 or 2 objects and have your child label which objects are missing

  3. Replace 1 or 2 objects and have your child label which ones are new

  4. Add 1 or 2 objects and have your child label which ones were added

  5. Cover all of the objects and have them label as many as they can remember

  1. Ask your child questions about their day. What did they eat at lunch? What did they see at recess? What did you do with your brother/sister today?

  2. Copying from memory! Pictures, shapes, words, patterns

  3. Write letters, numbers, and shapes with their eyes closed.

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