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  • Leah Fischer, PT, DPT

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of foot and heel pain. It is inflammation and/or micro-tears of the ligament that connects your heel to the ball off the foot. This inflammation can cause pain in your heel, arch, or the ball of your foot. Pain in this area is caused by prolonged standing, decreased calf flexibility, increased body weight, and having flat feet. The purpose of this thick band of tissue is to support the foot. When this tissue is overused and stretched, it can lead to the following common symptoms: pain when first walking in the morning; pain with prolonged standing, walking, or running; pain when walking barefoot or when wearing shoes without support.

Solutions to decrease pain

  • Physical Therapy: A physical therapist will evaluate your symptoms and then create a specialized plan to help decrease your pain. This may include stretching, strengthening, use of kinesiology tape, use of orthotics, and more. A physical therapist will also help provide suggestions regarding specific activities you perform, and how to improve your pain and function to increase your ability to complete those activities.

  • Home Remedies:

  • Roll a frozen water bottle along the bottom of your foot to decrease pain and inflammation

  • Stretch your feet before getting out of bed in the morning: stretch your calf muscles and the plantar fascia (see photos on right)

  • Replace your shoes regularly

  • Wear shoes with arch support

  • Essential Oils: massage the following oils alone or in combination in the region of pain and on the plantar fascia

  • Frankincense: promotes cellular health for optimal function

  • Peppermint: promotes muscle relaxation and reduced inflammation

  • Lemongrass oil: can sooth sore muscles and joints

  • Grape seed oil: promotes decreased inflammation and increased circulation; can help decrease collagen destruction

  • Ginger: decreases inflammation and reduces pain

Plantar fasciitis can be a reoccurring problem. Take control of your feet so that you can be active and enjoy a healthy, movement-filled lifestyle with your family, friends, and community!

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