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Crossing Midline Activities

Crossing Midline Activities

  1. Reach arms out to side to form “T”: take right arm and tap left shoulder then alternate to tap right shoulder with left hand

  2. Reach out for bean bags or balls across midline then throw to target

  3. Pick up small toys from left side with right hand and place in container on right and vice versa

  4. Draw large figure 8 on paper on wall or floor, or on ground using sidewalk chalk; follow figure 8 with small matchbox car

  5. Pop bubbles with one hand (blow or hold bubbles on wand on opposite side of body)

  6. Scoop rice or sand from container and dump into empty bucket on opposite side of body

  7. Touch the opposite elbow to knee

  8. Windmills – stand with feet apart and arms extended, bend at wait and cross opposite hand to tap foot, stand back up and repeat on other side

  9. Cross one leg over while stepping sideways

  10. Grapevine steps

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