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Activity Cube

Activity Cube.jpg

The Activity Cube is a great game to play to get your children moving, especially on rainy days!

Here's how to make the cube:

  1. Using white card stock, cut out 6 - 6x6 inch squares.

  2. Write activities on each squares.

  3. Tape the squares together using clear packing tape.

  4. Before you tape the last piece on, stuff the cube with a few pieces of crumpled newspaper to give it more stability.

Take turns rolling the cube and performing the activities. Examples of activities can include skipping, hopping, galloping, jumping, arm exercises, leg exercises, yoga poses, and more!

Children can earn an activity of their choice, or a healthy snack, after completing 5-10 rolls, based on your child(ren)'s ability.

Make activities fun and achievable.

And as always, have fun and be safe!

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