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Spy Training Maze Game

Spy String Game.jpg

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to climb through a laser maze like they do in all of the best spy movies? Now you and your family can test your skills in this fun Spy Training Maze Game.

Tie red yarn between chiars and tables, or tape red streamers to the wall using painters tape to create an obstacle course. Make sure all items involved in the activity are safe and won't fall on anyone. Before you begin, make sure the strings/streamers won't cause a choking hazard in any way.

After you set up your laser maze course, have your children maneuver through the lazers. Encourage your children to not grab onto walls or nearby objects or it will set off the "alarm" (we recommed you use a fun app on your phone for your alarm buzzer).

Make it fun and add to the challenge. If someone gets 3 alarms they have to start over, or freeze in position for 5 seconds before starting again. Have a prize at the end of the course such as a "golden" rice krispie's treat or some toy jewels.

This activity is great for body awareness, coordination, balance, and strengthening the core.

Always have fun and be safe.

Spy Lazer Game.jpg

#FamilyFun #SpyLaserMaze #Balance #BodyAwareness #Coordination #CoreStrength

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