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Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Eggs in Grass.jpg

Looking for a fun activity for your kids to do to practice for all of their upcoming Easter Egg Hunts? Then look no further! Grab some plastic Easter Eggs and fill them with little notes with a varity of activities and number of repititions. For example, Do 5 Jumping Jacks. Activities can include: animal walks, Yoga poses, arm exercises, galloping, skipping, jumping, hopping, jumping/standing on one foot, etc.

Hide the eggs around your house or yard. Have your children search for the eggs. Include a prize in some eggs such as a freebie turn or a healthy treat like goldfish, raisins, or mini pretzels. Have your child perform the activity before searching for the next egg. Make activities challenging but achievable to encourage participation.

Always have fun and be safe!

Easter Egg Activity Note.jpg

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